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Life after Kinabalu: Meniscus Tear

Assalamualaikum ...

I was hiking Mount Kinabalu on end of January 2018.
I planned after successful hike the highest mountain in Malaysia I want to start running and hiking again.

I did Full Marathons (FM) two times in 2016 and 2017 and planning to do ultra.

Four days after, I felt so bad on my right knee. I went to GP and the doctor gave me few medicine for pain relieve and asked me to come back if there's nothing change in the next five days.

On the weekend, I went to Cherating Beach with my lovely family and my right knee getting worse!
I went see another GP and he told me this is normal and asked me to go for Physio for sort of massage. I get one freelance Physio to come over to my house and she started her procedure. She asked me to see Ortho specialist. I went to Columbia Asia Klang and these are the findings:

I had four injuries where the major is Meniscus Tear. The doctor suggest me to do a surgery if time permitted. I refused to do surgery due to my project at my current company and you know-lah I just started my work in this company for one month at that moment. 

We planned out to meet the Dr bi-weekly and to attend Physio session at the hospital for 3 or 2 times a week until 6 - 7 week and I may reduce my Physio session to once a week but all this will depend on my progress of healing. 

Today is my 6-week of Physio session and I feel good! I didnt skip my session and my progress is getting better. I will meet my Dr next week and if everything is good, I am going to start my Gym session next week with the help of PT. My aim is the same: to run FM by end of this year and start hiking again! If all these doesnt permit me to do my running nor hiking, I will opt for surgery! 

I have two things to ponder here:
1. To train well before you do sport activities, me for instance not prepared well for Kinabalu (I dont do enough training and I tend to speed up during turun dari gunung)
2. You need to have a back up in term of insurance or takaful. The cost of my Physio session is about RM165 - 230 per session. Imagine if you have to do 3 times a week for two months! Yes I did at Private Hospital and the bill bare by company insurance and I do have my own policy. My policy only covered when I am admitted to hospital and post-hospitalization. Better check your policy! 

Wish everything will be better soon! 


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