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SEA + China Backpack 2012: KL-Hadyai-Krabi

Assalamualaikum ...

We start our journey on 31st October 2012 and we planned to travel for 40 days roughly. Our first stop is Krabi, Thailand. Along with us to Krabi are a group of other backpackers Adree and geng!

We took a train from KLSentral where we bought the ticket through the net We bought two tickets to Hadyai which cost us RM54.00 for sleeping berth lower for one person. It took us almost like 15 hours from KLSentral to Hadyai which will make you feel bored all the way if you dont have anything to entertain you!

Since we met a lot of travellers from Malaysia, we just make friends with them and we have decided to travel together until Krabi!

On our way to Hadyai, we have to get off and on at Padang Besar. Here we need to check-in and out through two immigration department Malaysia and Thailand! Everything seems smooth here as far as you have a valid documentation and you bring nothing doubt in your luggage!

*The food at the Padang Besar Railway Station is qu…

SEA + China Backpack 2012: Farewell Party

Assalamualaikum ...

Last 28th October 2012, Miss lovely Tajima had arranged an awesome farewell party for me and Zaff.
We were about to travel from Kuala Lumpur to China by land. We planned to travel for 40 days from the starting point until we dont know where we gonna end it ... and one thing that I proud about me and this trip, we never had a concrete plan on where to go and what to do and become worse when we almost never study anything about the route, the cost and etc!

Just grab our bag and explore! :)

Below are the pictures of the event: 

 Fareed, Nurul, Aniqa, Misaki aka Misae, Nini

Zaff, Apit, Adam

 Tajima, Zaff, Apit

Me Misae

FYI, we are Backpackers Buddies Malaysia Members!

Bangkok 2012: Day Two

Slept at @Hua Lamphong Hotel was good! The room are nice and clean. But, no breakfast are provided. So, you need to have a place to get a breakfast with extra cost! As a backpackers, It is better to get a place that are cheap, safe, clean, have WIFI and include breakfast! I would suggest a place with below than 10 USD (dorm) per night is excellent if they can provide these.
On our second day, we pack our things since on our last night we were looking for a cheaper place. (I didnt mentioned in my previous post), we found another place nearby which cost us 690 Baht per night with breakfast! I think this is great! So what we do, we pack our things, check out and leave our backpack at @Hua Lamphong Hotel until we get back from Chat Tu Chak Weekend Market.
Our aim for today is Chat Tu Chak Weekend Market! This market is well-knowned for cheaper price and variaties selections. Just name it! You will be able to get it here! And I like this place so much, because its cheap and most of thin…

Bangkok 2012: Arriving Bangkok & First Day in Bangkok

I dont have  a lot of pictures to snap in Bangkok. Most of the time, I rely on my friend's mobile phone.
Mine is full! Its time to get a new memory card for my phone.

We arrived in Bangkok around 1200 hrs. First thing we did was, looking for a muslim food!
For your information, muslim food in Bangkok is not so difficult to get. As long as you are willing to ask people, try to discover yourself and use your sixth sense you will be able to find it! Haha!

In the Hua Lamphong Train Station (Central Train Station in Bangkok), there is a huge food court. You may get a Halal food in one of the booth. Besides, you will find a place called "TEMPAT SEMBAHYANG" or prayer area for Muslim!

Just ask the tourist officer around here, they are willing to help with no charge!

Well, since Ive been here last year during flooding, I know another one place which is located in front of the Hua Lamphong  Train Station. The owner can speak in Thai-Malay Golok Style (sort of Oppa Gangnam St…

Bangkok 2012: Butterworth - Bangkok

I reach Butterworth early morning and fetch by my friend, Cook Larry Zan.

I stayed at his house until afternoon and now I'm here in the Ekspres Antarabangsa. Our train depart at 1420hrs and will arrive tomorrow morning at around 1124hrs. I remembered last year I used to take the same mode of transport from Butterworth to Bangkok but then, since I travel alone, there's no much pictures I took.

Wish us best of luck!

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Bangkok 2012: KL - Butterworth

I'm on my way to Butterworth now and this is the picture inside the coach.

I can't snap a lot of pictures due to low memory of my phone.

FYI, Butterworth is the last station for this coach; Senandung Mutiara.

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Bangkok 2012: KL to KL

Yesterday I start my journey from my hometown, Kok Lanas (KL). I went to Pahang first since I would like to go to my university. I slept over at my friend's shop lot in the university. It was okay! As long as I can sleep nicely!

At Pahang, I have a chance to go to East Coast Mall (ECM). Back to year 2004 - 2008 where I was a student in UMP. There's no such a thing as ECM. The only mall that we went were Megamall and Teruntum and Kuantan Parade!

What makes me happy this time is, I have spent I think almost an hour at my favorite kopitiam! Kemaman Kopitiam! This has been my favorite kopitiam since 2004/05. I love the Coffee C and Cham Ice here! I know there is a Kemaman Kopitiam in KB. But I don't know what's wrong with that kopitiam, all sucks!

Late night, I'm about to cruise to where the transgender always lepak in Kuantan. You know, there a lot of transgender in Kuantan. To those who don't sell themself, I do respect them as a human being. But the one I wou…

Bangkok 2012: PreDeparture

Assalamualaikum ...

This is my first travelling trip for the year 2012. I just have my 4-month holiday and my first trip this year will be Bangkok, Thailand.

My plan is to travel from 3rd October from my hometown then I will go to Kuala Lumpur (KL) before take a train to Bangkok.

Have I mention that this time I will travel by land, haven't I? Yes, I will travel by land!

Based on my previous post about BackPacking Stuff, I will pack my stuff by today (2nd October 2012).

I will also update on how much I spend during my trip this time!

So far I've spent:
1. Train ticket from KL to Butterworth worth RM46.00
2. Train ticket from Butterworth to Bangkok (international train) worth RM111.90
3. ONE YEAR travel insurance worth RM338.00, however, I phoned the headquaters of the insurance company before I buy the policy and they agreed to give me 25% off! (Agent price!)

Wish everything will be good and nice!
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End of BackPacking Stuff Post

Assalamualaikum ...

Hi, how are you?

From previous post, I already explain briefly about what are the things that you need to bring when you are on travelling mode.

I will be post about the BackPacking Stuff once I think that these topic need to be revise and update.

I will start my journey to Bangkok, Thailand next week by land transport. I will try to update it as much as possible (you know sometimes I am so lazy to write) so then you will know what are the real situation happen to me and my buddy, Cook Larry Zan there!

Wish me luck and have a save journey!

Bangkok post will be start with title, Bangkok 2012 : XXXX!

BackPacking Stuff (11) : Cloths

Cloths: The most popular question about this topic is, what kind of T-Shirt/Jeans are appropriate to wear and how many T-Shirt should I bring?

Before you decide on what kind of t-shirt/jeans you have bring and how many, you have to know about the current and future wheather forecast at your travelling area.

Let say you are about to go to China on November. You have to know on which part of China you are travelling to. Let say again Kunming, Yunnan. Then, you know November is in winter time and normally the temperature in Kunming is only 5 - 13 celcius. Besides, you have to know on what activities you will do in that place.

Basically, I will bring these things for my travel cloths:
1. T-shirt: 2
2. Shirt (casual): 2
3. Jeans: 1
4. Short pants: 2
5. Cargo pants: 1
6. Underwear
7. Long sleeve t-shirts: 1
8. Jacket: 1
9. Swimming trunk: 1

That would be more than enough for a whole month travel. As long as you have to wash it regularly, let say every two days! Keep it goo…

BackPacking Stuff (10) : Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance: Most of us never think about this. Well, if you are about to travel to Bali for 3 days and 2 night, this kind of thing will never ever cross in your mind! Am I correct?

Especially to those who has their own medical insurance at home country, they will ignore about this travel insurance.

I always ensure that I will have a travel insurance before I travel abroad even I have my own medical insurance. You might have to spend for at least RM50 to cover you and your belongings when you travel.

I suggest to those who has their own medical insurance to check back the term and conditions with your agent either they will cover you during your travel abroad or not!

Makesure that you know the procedures and what are the documents needed when there is a case of claims for theft, missflight/delay, medical, evacuation and etc. This will avoid the misunderstanding and to avoid you yourself uncovered and pay for nothing to the insurance company.

I may suggest this web page to you …

BackPacking Stuff (9) : Travel Universal Adaptor

Travel Universal Adaptor: Nowadays most of us will bring our mobile phone, notebook, iPod and maybe a DSLR during our backpacking. The socket type and size are normally slightly different from our home country.

So, by bringing this along your journey it will help to free your mind without having trouble on how to charge your gadget in a strange country!

My adaptor as I shown here is very usefull and I used it since last two years!

You may get this at most of the electrical shop and the price is just less than RM25!

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BackPacking Stuff (8) : Cash Money

Cash Money: Don't travel if you don't have this! :)

Backpacking is not about annoying people and not about taking advantage.

If most of the readers here backpack/travel for a week I think you will have enough money to support your one week travel. And, of course you will bring enough money for it!

How if you travel for a-month? Or maybe a-year? You can't bring a lot of cash at a time, yes, its a matter of safety!

So far, when I travel for a long time (last year I travel for 45 days non-stop) I will bring my debit card, credit card and cash money!

For those who travel to various country along your journey, please ensure to have at least a small amount of money for each country you will visit! Prepare the currency at your home country prior start your journey.

Generally, most of the countries will accept USD. About how much amount you can bring and how to keep it, I will explain on my next post.

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BackPacking Stuff (7) : Credit/Debit Card

Credit/Debit Card: This is very important but not really essential!

Bring to much cash money at a time might be risky! Money is like a sugar! Try to imagine that a sugar have a leg and can walk around. There must be a lot of ants will be chasing after it!

Credit Card and Debit Card has the same purpose. To make you able to shop and shop until you die!

The differents and the pro and cons between these two cards you might want to refer it from other source, which I will not explain here.

However, you have to consider about these things when you decided to use these cards:
1. For Islamic Card, It can't be use in every shop especially bars. (It doesn't mean you drink and drunk when you went to bar!)
2. The charges for withdraw money are differents between these two cards.
3. If you use bank card, ensure to call your bank at least two weeks before!
4. If you increase your limit (temporary increase) you might seek advice from the bank first!
5. Makesure you have enough…

BackPacking Stuff (6) : Toiletries

Toiletries: This is another important thing! Please bring enough toiletries for you yourself!

Body shampoo, hair shampoo, deodorant, face wash and tooth brush and paste are the most basic things!

When I was in China, I have lack of supply for body shampoo. I went to big shopping mall and bought one bottle of body shampoo which is well known in Malaysia. I just use it for one time and what happen, I get a whole body itchy and rash! This last longer for a month until I reach Indonesia and get a medical treatment there!

Well, I suggest you guys to bring enough toiletries for your own sake! Some more why you have to waste your money for these? We are backpackers and we need to save our money and use it wisely!

Besides to avoid wasting money and allergy, you really need this to keep your body fresh and clean! Its not nice to wander around in strange place with a bad smell! Yurk!

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BackPacking Stuff (5) : Your Personal Medicine

Your Personal Medicine: If you have diabatic or hypertension for example, please bring enough medicine for your own sake.

I remembered when I was in Taipei in 2006, I got flu and went to the pharmacy. I asked them to give me paracetamol with the help of my chinese friends, it was so difficult! I have no idea either the wrong term we gave them or the different term they used!

Please bring enough supply of your personal medicine. I may forgive you if you don't bring the supplement, but big no-no if you forget this.

Put in specific bag/compartment so when you travel it is easy to tell the immigration/customs/police etc officer either the one you bring is illegal drug or vice versa. It is adviceable if you could bring a document that prove that the drugs/medicines you bring is for your health and legal.

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BackPacking Stuff (4) : Supplement

Supplement: I may say this is another essential stuff to bring in order to keep our body in good condition.

Especially for muslim, you may find these supplement are really helpful. When travelling to a place where it is difficult to get Halal Food, sometimes you will have to be vegetarian. This will indirectly effect your body when you only consume veggies.

On the other hands, this is a preparation, you know the cost of medical is extremely high abroad. Even if you have a travel insurance covered, you still need to use your own money first. But then, no one love to travel when they are in bad health!

*For the time being, this is my favorite brand for multivitamins and vitamin C!

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BackPacking Stuff (3) : Passport

Passport: I have no explanation about this, but this is 'extremely' important!
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BackPacking Stuff (2) : Travel Book

Travel Book: You have an option either to bring this or not. Well, I saw one Korean guy in Cambodia (I'm on my way from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City) brought one full bag of travel books while I saw another one Filipino girl (Her name is Jia) bring nothing but her lovely notes along her tour!

So, you may choose to bring these books or not!

If you plan to bring these, you will end up bringing a very big and heavy backpack. However, if don't, you will having a problem finding a rough idea about your dream place!

If you wish to not load up your backpack, you may have these options:
1. Study well before you start your journey and jot down in your lovely note book.
2. Ensure you have an access to the internet, so you may find your way nicely!
3. If for example you are going to travel to Thailand and then to Cambodia, you may need to have a small investment where you have to buy this book (not exactly the same publisher!) for example Thailand, then once you would like t…

BackPacking Stuff (1) : Note Book

Note Book: This is very essential! You may put your travel plan here, all your findings about hotels, foods, transportations and etc. A note book is very essential!

Don't forget to put your contact number inside, besides, please write your friends and family numbers. This will help you when emergency.

Last thing, don't forget to put the Malaysian Embassy's Number! You might need it when you are in emergency!

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BackPacking Stuff


From today, I will post a lot of pictures about what are the things that I will bring for my backpacking trip!

FYI, I will backpack for almost 45 days non-stop!

If you guys want to ask anything, just comment or e-mail me!

Thank you!
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Musim BackPacking Bermula!

Assalamualaikum ...
Well, I just come back home for almost two weeks.
Since my hobby is backpacking, I will start my new experience of backpacking soon!

This time, I will travelling to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China!

The old same country as before, but, this gonna be fun because I'm gonna do it with my travel partner and will discover other route!

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They try to pampered us?


I never talk about politics here, but then this entry is all about my lovely government.

I just wonder why the government use to give some amount of money to Malaysian?

The school fees are free.
We have government hospital.
Most of univ students received loans/scholarship.
The fuel price is considerably low compare to other ASEAN countries.

I think, they may use this money to improve the public transport in all over Malaysia. Improve the public facilities.

This will give a better impact for Malaysian.

Well, the government must be very strict and see these thoroughly before making any decision regarding to this.

Just don't try to pampered us.

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Terukir di Bintang!

Assalamualaikum ...

I just comeback to my hometown (Malaysia) since last fortnight ...
And Im so crazy about this song!

Jika engkau minta intan permata tak mungkin ku mampu
Tapi sayangkan ku capai bintang dari langit untukmu
Jika engkau minta satu dunia akan aku cuba
Ku hanya mampu jadi milikmu pastikan kau bahagia
Hati ini bukan milik ku lagi
Seribu tahun pun akan ku nanti
Kan… kamu…
Jangan kau persoalkan siapa di hatiku
Terukir di bintang tak mungkin hilang cintaku padamu

Catatan Pertama di Tahun 2012


Lama sangat tak menulis di blog ni ...
Actually, aku bukanlah penulis blog yang tegar atau seorang manusia kreatif yang pandai untuk menarik pembaca membaca post-post aku kat sini ...
Aku menulis hanya kerana aku nak berkongsi!

Aku baru je balik dari belayar selama 8 bulan ...
Banyak tempat aku pergi?
Mesir, India, China China dan China ...
2 bulan terakhir aku tinggal di Shenzhen, China ...
Banyak sangat pengalaman selama 8 bulan belayar ni ...
Insyaallah, semua tu akan jadi pengajaran dan juga pedoman hidup aku!

Post kali ni, aku just nak share apa dah aku buat selama balik ni ...
10 Sept: First day di Malaysia: di KLIA aku dapat e-mail untuk interview kerja
11 Sept: Second day: aku beli barang-barang untuk p interview ... wallahwei ... habis duit macam nak gile!
12 Sept: Third day: fly ke KL semata-mata nak p interview
13 Sept: Interview dan fly balik ke KB ... syukur, company ni akan bayar tiket pergi balik!
14 Sept: Shopping barang dapur sebab kawan-kawan nak d…